Motorstar Motorcycle Price List for Philippine

MotorStar is a local and popular motorcycle brand in the Philippines. Several motorcycle models of this brand have been produced and assembled locally. The main attraction of MotorStar motorcycles in the Philippines is that they are relatively cheap, meaning that the retail price is much lower. Although the retail price of MotorStar motorcycles is relatively low, some questions remain about their durability and quality. However MotorStar is expanding their business in the Philippine market, and has also been able to generate widespread acclaim among the general public. As a result, the people of the Philippines want to know about MotorStar motorcycles, and in response to their questions and curiosity, we have mentioned the current prices of MotorStar motorcycle models in the Philippines on this webpage. There are also key features of almost all MotorStar motorcycles with the latest pictures.

This page was last updated on 12-June-2023.

Business Name: Eastworld Motor Ind. Corp
Address: 304 3rd St., cor. 10th Ave., Grace Park, Caloocan City, Philippines, Caloocan
Phone: 6322528903

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Motorstar is a brand of Filipino assembled motorcycles known for their inexpensive or available price. Most of its motorcycles parts come from China & are assembled locally in Philippines. Motor star has a wide variety of motorcycles with different body styles which has categorize an under bone, scooter, business type, cruiser, electronic bikes, lifestyle & AEON.First introduced world widely in 2004 & is continuously being sold by bonafied Zongshen Chongqing distributors in different countries the Zongshen Chongqing Group is one of the five largest motorcycle manufacturer in China.

Motorstar’s partnership with Zongshen in Philippines is clearly creating better products for the local brand & Xplorer Zs150 is probably the best so far. When the original Xplorer Z200 made by Zongshen was introduced in2004 by Motor star it become the first little big bike in the market. Currently, Motorstar is offering 25 new motorcycle models in the Philippines. The Motorstar cafe 400, Motorstar Xplorer 250R, Motorstar Nicness 110R are the most popular motorcycles from motor star in their responsible segments.

Most of the Filipino choose Motorstar motorcycle for its inexpensive cheapest rate with its availability & it is a Filipino based brand..Motorstar is the affordable bike might be a little heavy & tiring to ride but it fulfilled the dreams heavy & many local riders to upgrade from an under bone or scooter. For ten years now the Xplorer is one of the best-selling motorcycle of Motor star in its lineup. Last year Motor start debuted the Xplorer ZS150 which was very popular all over the world.TVS, VESPA is the main competitor of Motor star motorcycle.

Let’s see the all current models & prices of Motorstar in Philippines --

MotorStar Motorcycles Price List for Philippines;

MotorStar MotorcyclePrice in Philippines
MotorStar Cafe 400₱ 140,000
MotorStar Magnum 250₱ 78,000
MotorStar MSX200-II₱ 69,000
MotorStar Xplorer 250R₱ 69,000
MotorStar Xplorer X200R₱ 65,000
MotorStar Moto R155₱ 58,000
MotorStar Moto X155₱ 58,000
MotorStar Xplorer Z150₱ 55,000
MotorStar Star-X155₱ 45,000
MotorStar MSX125S-II₱ 42,000
MotorStar MSX 150X₱ 41,000
MotorStar Sapphire 110 -II₱ 40,500
MotorStar Nicess 110₱ 40,000
MotorStar Zest X110-IIIM₱ 40,000
MotorStar Star X 125 II₱ 40,000
MotorStar Star-X 125S₱ 39,000
MotorStar Viber₱ 39,000
MotorStar Zest X110-III₱ 38,000
MotorStar MSX 125MComing Soon
MotorStar Star-X155 IIAComing Soon
MotorStar EbikeComing Soon
MotorStar EscooterComing Soon
MotorStar Co-in125Coming Soon
MotorStar Elite350iComing Soon
MotorStar Urban125Coming Soon
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